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  Cane End Fittings  
  Cane End Fittings

Cane End Fittings. We sell the cane end fittings separately if you need extras for the Uni-Grow or they can be used elsewhere in the garden where you are joining or linking canes and stakes that are about 10mm - 11mm in diameter. These cane fittings "thread" onto the canes easily. They are made from black impact modified Nylon so are suitable for external use all year round. The cane fittings are great for "A" frames or "box" frames for netting or polythene and they feature holes for ties or cord to hold the structure down. Have a look at our assembly instructions to see how they are assembled - cane_fitting_instructions_08-04-11.pdf
Cane Fittings pack of 10 only 8.00 + P&P

Also Available...

Cane Supports

Cane Supports. The Uni-Grow system has features to take standard canes up to 11mm in diameter. This enables you construct a cane support system or framework on top of the Uni-Grow to support climbers, to put a cage of netting over say, fruit to protect it from birds or to enclose the whole thin in polythene to great a miniature green house. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

This cane support kit provides everything you need to set a Unigrow up for growing plants like tomatoes, fruit or other climbers. It can also form the basis of a structure for netting or a polythene cover.

Of course this kit can also be used for other applications around the garden. It contains:
8 x 1.2 metre Canes
7 x Cane End Fittings
9 x Twist Ties
Cane Pack pack only 18.65 + P&P

Cane Pack pack only 18.65 + P&P

grow bag planter, Uni-Grow, holder for grow bags

Stacking Pins

Stacking Uni-Grow
When Stacking Uni-Grow, you will need to link each one together using short dowels or stakes. We supply a simple kit containing 4 short extruded UPVC pins that fit into the top cane support holes of the end plates in the Uni-Grow and link into corresponding holes in the bottom of the end plates. When attaching one Uni-Grow onto another you would put these pins into the bottom Uni-Grow first and then lower the second Uni-Grow on top. It is advisable to have an extra pair of hands to help with this as it is sometimes difficult to see where the pins are going when you lower the top one into position. Alternatively it is possible to fit the top Uni-Grow without the grow bag and without the top two planks. This way it is easy to handle and you can see what you are doing. You can then drop the grow bag into the "V" of the lower planks and then slide the top two plank into place. A pack of four pins will do a stack of two or a stack of three Uni-Grows.
Staking Pins pack of 4 only 2.50 + P&P



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