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  Welcome to Kakoi Shopping

Kakoi Shopping was set up to sell products that have been designed and manufactured in the UK. After many years of working together, a UK design consultancy and a manufacturing company based in Hampshire decided to form a company that was dedicated to developing products that offered simple solutions to everyday problems. The Slug Inn was the first of these products and Kakoi hope to develop a whole range of useful items that are value for money, that make life easier and in their own way contribute towards a better environment and lower carbon emissions by using the right materials, by reducing waste and where possible, promoting re-use.


  Slug Inn  Slug Inn - Slug Trap for Slugs and Snail Control

  Speaker Brackets  Clean and stylish but strong and tough. Speaker brackets that are a perfect solution for mounting small speakers inside and out. Features simple wire management idea to keep the job looking tidy and professional.

  Useful Fasteners  A range of fastening products that will make life easier and more efficient in the house and garden

  Uni-Grow  The ultimate planting system that holds a grow bag vertically. It's light, clean and takes up very little room. Perfect for small patios and balconies.

  The Peg  NEW! the Peg with a difference

  Cane Support Kit  Uni-Grow Cane Support Kit

  Cane End Fittings  Cane End Fittings

  Stacking Pins  Uni-Grow Stacking Pins

  Hall's Rainsaver  Great New British Invention that will save water and help keep your garden or allotment watered throughout the year.

  Crystals  Now Available! Beautiful Crystals for Arts and Crafts

  Twist Top Ashtray  Odour Free Ashtray

  Helping Hands  An extra pair of hands to help with all those awkward, back breaking tasks around the garden


New! Grow Bag holder

Uni-Grow, the ultimate planting system using a "grow bag". This product has been designed, not only to get the best out of the bag but enable you to use in areas where you wouldn't expect to. The Uni-Grow system will earn its place in any home garden, it will also compliment planting in allotments and be really useful in the greenhouse.

Better Plant Growth. Because the bag is held vertically there is greater depth for root growth, and by keeping the bag off the ground there is more air around the bag to prevent it overheating in the sun. Also with the increased depth there is less chance of over watering causing problems.

Registered Design and Patents Applied for

Note, this is a new and exciting product that we have just developed. We are manufacturing now and will start shipping orders by the end of May - Order now to "bag" your Uni-Grow system before the rush starts!
Uni-Grow pack only 26.99 + P&P

Versatile. The Uni-Grow bag holder keeps the bag vertical to help root growth and keeps the bag off the ground. The bag keeps cooler in this orientation but for the user, it means less mess and the whole unit is now transportable. You can effectively keep the bags closer together and take up less floor space but as the planting grows you can move them about. You could start off in the green house and then take them outside when they are ready or if you need to you can bring things in when you need to.

grow bag planter, Uni-Grow, holder for grow bags
Grow Bag Holder - Tomatoes, Peas, Lobelia, Thyme, Sage, Chives, Parsley, Strawberries


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  Speaker Brackets
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  The Peg
  Cane Support Kit
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  Hall's Rainsaver
  Twist Top Ashtray
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Uni-Grow Instructions
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